Camping tips for festivals

Before arrival

Buy your tickets on time. Tickets for festivals can often be sold out several months in advance, so make sure to buy your tickets on time or you could end up missing your favorite festival.
Bring several copies of your documents (passport or ID cards). Taking this top tip will save you time in registering at the campsite reception plus you could keep the copies on you in case you need to show ID at any time. This will also allow you to keep your original documents in a safe place (i.e. the safety lockers we provide) so you don’t lose them.

Bring a larger tent than you think you might need. The most common mistake people make is bringing a tent which does not have enough space. A two-person tent is meant for two people lying down in sleeping bags, but doesn’t provide space for much else; including most of the stuff you’ll be bringing with you!

heck if there is a possibility to rent tents, sleeping bags and/or sleeping mats at the festival. Many festivals offer this option, so there’s no reason to carry extra luggage if you don’t have to.
Chose the right tent. Tents with openings at both sides will provide you with fresh air on hot summer mornings, while double skin (double wall) tents will prevent rain from getting inside.

Setting up a tent

Choose the right spot. Many festivals, especially the big ones, don’t allow much choice when it comes to choosing your camping spot. However, if you come to the festival earlier, you could settle nearer to toilets, showers and stages. But be careful, smells and noise could ruin all your fun. You might also want to consider a spot in shade or somewhere you could have some privacy.
Even if the weather is nice, firmly fix your tent into the ground. You don’t want your tent to fly around like Dorothy’s house in The Wizard of Oz if a summer storm blows in and surprises you. Don’t be shy about asking staff to help you with setting up your tent.
Mark your location. Finding your tent may be a challenge, especially if it’s dark and you’re tired and a little bit worse for wear. Marking your tent with a flag, balloon or light will help you find it more easily and stop you mistaking other tents for yours.
Get cozy. Bring a thick sleeping mat, comfy pillow and blankets, so you can sleep well after partying. Ear plugs are an absolute must-have for a good night’s sleep at festivals. Without them, you may end up staying awake all night and being driven nuts by your neighbor’s terrible guitar playing!
If you’re traveling in a group, form a ‘circle’. Make sure all your tents are facing each other so you can communicate easier.
Meeting people around your tent will improve and contribute to the festive atmosphere and provide extra eyes-on for looking after your belongings.
Resist the temptation to lock your tent. Although it seems like a good idea, it actually signals there’s something valuable inside. Let’s be honest, any knife could easily open the side of the tent, so you’re wasting your time locking it. If you have valuables, leave them in the secure lockers provided; the small cost is worth it.


Always know where your friends are. You should choose a spot where you will meet in case you get separated.
Festivals and camps have first aid stands, so make sure you know where they are. For minor injuries, bring your own first aid kit.
Safety lockers are available at festivals, but you should make a prior reservation because their number is limited. Check before you come if there’s any lockers left.
Waist bags and neck wallets are perfect for keeping money, credit cards and documents. You should also wear clothes with zip pockets.
Watch out for thieves, especially on the first and the last days. Most people are trustworthy, but there are always some bad eggs around. Theft is the most common on the first and last days, when everybody is busy setting up their tents or packing up to leave; so be extra vigilant at these times. Meet your neighbors, listen to the advice of staff and use lockers for securing your valuables.
Make sure you check Lost and Found if you lose some of your belongings. Festivals are filed with decent, good people who will take your phone or wallet to the Lost and Found desk which usually works around the clock.
Listen to instructions of staff, especially in emergency situations like fire.
Check the rules of the camp before you arrive so you can enjoy the festival.

Weather and clothes

Look good and feel good. It’s important to look good at music festivals, but you should also feel comfortable.
Choose appropriate footwear. Pick something comfortable and supportive, as you will be standing most of the time. Flip-flops and sandals are great for the beach, but they won’t last long in the crowd.
Use sun protection. Most music festivals are during summer and it can be pretty hard to find shade. Bring plenty of sunscreen and make sure you pack clothes that will protect you from sun, including a wide brim hat.

During the festival

The camping space is temporary and used only once a year. Be respectful of the environment and leave it as you found it. Always throw your trash in containers provided for its disposal, like trash cans or dumpsters.
Be patient. Tens of thousands of people come to festivals, so be prepared for traffic jams and long queues. Just remember, they all came with the same goal: a fun weekend with good friends and great music.
A music festival is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t miss your favorite band because you’re too tired from parting too hard.
Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and other soft drinks during the day. Always have a bottle of water with you.
Mosquitoes are an unavoidable part of any camping experience, so bring some mosquito repellant protection and don’t let them spoil your fun.
Make sure you know where the Chill Zones are. They are perfect places to hide from the sun or crowd and you can meet new people there.
Some festivals use cashless payment systems, so get information on payment methods at your festival beforehand via the internet.


You will use portable bathrooms at the festival and we all know that isn’t a nice experience. Bring enough toilet paper, toilet sheets and hand sanitizer to improve the experience.
Most festivals offer portable showers. To avoid crowds, shower early in the morning or in the evening. Bring a solar shower if you can and avoid the crowds completely.


Get informed about the check-out time and organize your transportation. Check if you packed all your belongings and pick up and appropriately dispose of your trash as you leave.