1. All services in the SDF Village are open 24 hours а day.
  2. Entrance to the SDF Village will be allowed only with а bracelet, which will be given individually to every guest upon arrival at the campsite. Please Note: Bracelets are issued individually and are valid per person and not per tent.
  3. lf your bracelet gets damaged, you need to bring the damaged bracelet to the SDF Village Reception where it will be replaced with а new one. lf you lose а bracelet, you will need to purchase а new one in order to re-enter the campsite.
  4. The SDF Village does its very best to ensure your wellbeing but will only be responsible for personal items or valuables which are left in the safe-keeping lockers.
  5. Tents are not allowed outside of the designated camping area within the SDF Village.
  6. We strongly encourage you to use trash cans and PVC bags which are available at all times for the disposal of your garbage. It is in everyone’s best interests that the SDF Village remains clean.
  7. No firearms or weapons of any kind are permitted in SDF Village.
  8. Open fires at the SDF Village are strictly prohibited.
  9. Glass bottles and other glass containers are not permitted in SDF Village.
  10. Non-Industrial food packaging is not permitted in SDF Village.
  11. Cooking and other kind of food heating equipment or processes are not permitted within the SDF Village.
  12. Pets are allowed within the SDF Village.
  13. In event of emergencies, major storms, fires or any other incidents, please follow instructions given by campsite staff and comply with evacuation procedures.
  14. Be considerate of the property of others, and be respectful of their need for rest and hassle free time.
  15. When leaving the SDF Village, you must pack out everything you brought in.